The Muskegon Greens


   In the last five years, right here in our state, clean water access issues have grown.  Open racism and gun violence have become normalized.  A continued lack of corporate accountability while ignoring the struggles of locally owned small businesses is still a common theme.  

  The agressive tactics of law enforcement has yet to be dealt with.  A continued lack of college affordability and runaway student loan debt is all too familiar for Michigan's youth.  Covid-19 has continued to ravage our communities and fill hospitals daily.  We can no longer afford for these issues to be listed at the bottom of our agenda.  

  Incrementalism is failing us.  Locally, our elected officials have fallen into the same old habit of continuously supporting and pushing policies which tend to benefit the more affluent in our communities at the expense of those truly in need.  Our patience is not endless.

  The Muskegon Greens offer a different way forward.  One where, a tendency towards a political process, where as much decision-making authority as practical is shifted to the lowest geographic level of our community, and candidates for elected office are considered "representatives" not "leaders."   Simply put, "power to the people!"

   Take a look and the Green Party Platform here.  All Greens support our Four Pillars and Ten Key Values and everything we do is based on these. Take a few minutes to see If your values align.  If so, join us and actually have your voice not only heard, but included! 

  Don't you think it's time to get behind a grassroots organization which is totally committed to bringing   help those who actually need it most?  Where our solidarity is our strength?  Come and be a part of the change you want and finally leave the status quo behind!


The Muskegon Greens want YOU!

Haven't you had enough of the status quo?

Without causing harm to others, do you think everyone should be able to live the life they choose without fear?  Do you believe everyone should have a home?   A living wage?   Do you believe everyone should have equal protection under the law?  Do you think access to quality healthcare should be the right of every American?   Do you believe you should be able to vote based on your beliefs, instead of your fears?  Do you believe the ultra wealthy and corporations and churches have too much influence in politics?  So do we.  So why continue to support politicians who don't seem to share your beliefs? 

Neither our party, nor our candidates take corporate money, as we are a true grassroots organization.  Power from the ground up is what we believe in.  You are in charge, and candidates are representative of our beliefs, not bosses or dictators.  A true democracy favors options.  If you are a new voter or just frustrated with not being listened to, maybe it's time to consider other options.  After all, you know we all deserve better than what we are currently getting.  So click the button below and become the change you've been craving for so long!



About us!

A brief history

Born from the powerful, yet short-lived Occupy Muskegon Movement, the Muskegon Green Party is the natural evolution of the growing, forward-thinking influence in our communities.

  The eventual dissolution of Occupy Muskegon, left behind a small group of progessive minded people with the desire and drive to direct positive change on the lakeshore.

  A select few, disillusioned with the two major parties' dirty methods, became familiar with green politics.  A subsequent meeting with the Green Party of Michigan, planted the seeds to what has become the Muskegon Green Party!

  Since then, the Muskegon Greens have grown from only a handful to almost 65 members.  Will you be next?  Join us now and help us continue our mission!




About the Green Party

Why do Greens only run every 4 years?

We run in every election every year because it is required to keep our national party status and to maintain ballot access.

2020: 210 races

2019: 132 races

2018: 296 races

2017: 196 races

2016: 310 races

2015: 128 races


Candidate database:


President & VP Nominees

1996: Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

2000: Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

2004: David Cobb & Pat LaMarche

2008: Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente

2012: Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala

2016: Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka

2020: Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker


Why should I vote third party?

 The two major parties are beholden to corporations not people. We need to fix our broken system and prioritize People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit! #MoneyOutOfPolitics


We stand for

#M4A #LivingWage #HousingJustice #EqualityForAll #WorkersRights #LGBTQRights #WomensRights #VeteransRights #CitizenshipForAll #Decolonize #DefundWar #GND


But Greens never win...

 We've won in 1,240 races since 1985 and currently have 140 Greens in elected office!



What is the Green New Deal?


The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. Inspired by the New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Green New Deal will provide similar relief and create an economy that makes our communities sustainable, healthy and just.


What's your Strategic Plan?

Our goal is to enact policies that prioritize people, planet, and peace. We will empower communities, mobilize for #systemchange, and replace all legislators that refuse to listen.


We will focus on four goals:

 1. Increase membership and diversity. #Outreach

2. Run and elect more candidates. #GreenWarriors 

3. Achieve more positive awareness of the party. #PeoplePlanetPeace

4. More effective issue advocacy and policy development. #Empower


How do I get involved?

 Please join your state party

Or get appointed to a national committee


We value your input!

We are currently in the proocess of setting our agenda for 2022 and would love to hear what issues you think we should be focusing on.  So, send us an email or text or follow us on and comment on social media.  We'll get back to you asap!

“The Green Party is no longer the alternative, the Green Party is the imperative.

Rosa Clemente