You can't truthfully say you weren't aware.  There have been signs.  Big, bold signs.  The obvious undermining of the Bernie Sanders campaign.  Twice.  Statements like, "the green dream or whatever" (Nancy Pelosi) "you ain't black if you don't vote for Biden", "I will not ban fracking", "if you want free healthcare, go vote for someone else", "I don't work for you" (Joe Biden). The Democratic Party has stood side by side with the GOP in maintaining  our corrupt, capitalist, oligarchy. 

  Symbolism is the name of the game when it comes to the DNC, and they have become exceedingly efficient at it.  They wear African clothing  during Juneteenth but won't move to make it a federal holiday.  They pledge to take care of "essential workers" but won't even consider raising the federal minimum wage.  They pretend to mourn the deaths of almost 1,000,000 Americans due to Covid-19, yet vital policies such as Single-Payer Improved Medicare for All has been all but dismissed. 

  Their fight against climate change and environmental protections have been quietly sacrificed to continued support for pipelines for profit and a continued soft approach to corporate accountability, always placating to deep-pocketed donors. They removed American troops from the fiasco which was Afghanistan, yet continue to fund a proxy war with Russia and increase the defense budget without question even as so many Americans continue to suffer.   

  Remember the very popular platform of Bernie Sanders for his 2020 run for president? Green New Deal?  Medicare for All?  $15 federal minimum wage?  None of those policies are even on the agenda right now.  Why not?  Knowing this begs the question, why would you continue to support an administration from a party which seems to have no plan to give you any of the policies you have so strongly supported for at least the last six years? 

  How about the extremely popular, "Squad?"  Before the last two presidential elections they were outspoken proponents of the progressive movement.  Now, with the exception of the occasional clever tweet, you rarely hear from them.  The DNC has consistently muzzled or handcuffed the most progressive voices within their own party, all while claiming to represent the left as a whole.

  Did you know, they continue to have the simple majority but still haven't killed the filibuster?  If it would help at all, you would think they would at least, try it.  Nope.  So, next year, when the mid-terms come around, and they blame Republicans for their lack of progress due to some, obstruction, and you can be sure they will, don't be fooled.  Then, they'll try to push you away from voting third party because, even though they haven't done anything to make life better for you, they'll claim you're "throwing away" your vote. 

  These are the facts.  Unlike the Democratic Party, ALL Greens support a Green New Deal, Single-Payer Improved Medicare for All, a living wage, banning fracking, shutting down Line 3 and Line 5, campaign finance reform, police reform, immigration reform, and more.  Also, unlike the Democratic Party, there is no centrist or Progressive wing within our ranks.  Our solidarity in our platform is our strength.

  Neither our party, nor our candidates take corporate money, as we are a true grassroots organization.  Power from the ground up is what we believe in.  We are in charge, our candidates are representative of our beliefs.  The ONLY way to change the Democratic Party is to show them you have other choices.  Your vote should never be a given.  Make them earn your vote, because you know we all deserve better than what they are currently willing to give.  Join us, today!



 The death of longtime Arizona Senator John McCain was the beginning of the end of anything decent within the Republican Party.  Senator McCain stood out in his own party as a man of some conscience, honor and decency among the increasing droves of sellouts to corporate donors and sycophants to a failed businessman/TV personality, as a reminder of how broken our system really is. 

  Today's Republican Party has become an actual cult.  Former president Donald Trump with his growing herd of sheep, have stripped away everything the republicans have claimed to stand for.  From longstanding beliefs of fiscal conservatism, less government to personal responsibility, the GOP has become a clown show, a self-owning contradiction, and a shell of its former self. 

  They are the champions of big business and those who have more money and power than they could ever need at the expense of those who have provided said wealth. They use tactics like fear and exclusion to keep their base clinging to them as saviors even though all the predictions of doom have never come true.  From the millions of hardcore criminals pouring in over our southern border with a mandate to destroy this country, to the house to house, no-knock assault to remove their precious guns leaving them defenseless in the face of some, ill-conceived idea of tyranny. 

  They are the destroyer of rights for people of color, women and children.  From abortion bans which encourages citizens to act as vigilantes, to using the term "critical race theory" as the harbinger of the death of education and an excuse to begin banning books they deem, "a threat".  This from an organization which claims to support freedom and rights of Americans. Sounds a little bit like Nazi Germany.

  Their platform has morphed into whatever Donald Trump says it is, given his petulant mood.  It doesn't seem to matter that he continues to spread misinformation about the 2020 presidential election or grift the Republican base every day with the false hope of a return to some sort of greatness which never actually was.  So they continue to suffer while trying to reconcile his endless lies and shortcomings with their longtime beliefs.

  They are the faux antithesis of the Democratic party to make sure our dated, broken system of politics never really changes.  No matter how many time and ways they repackage it, the majority of Americans feel no real, long-term benefits.  The media in the interest of capitalism, continues to try and portray a constant battle between good and evil.  All the while, distracting from the mess we've allowed to pile up and rot.

  If you are a registered republican, reconsider.   All the lies.  All the deceit.  All the claims which NEVER turn out to be true.  You deserve better.  The ONLY way to change the Republican Party is to show them you have other choices. Your vote should not be a forgone conclusion.  Make them earn your vote, because you know we all deserve better than what the GOP and Donald Trump are currently willing to give.  Join us, today!

Join the Team!

Why should you register Green?


  Unfortunately, it's a phrase we hear much too often, even though the Green Party has been around since the 1980's. Why is it, so many voters remain unfamiliar with our organization and platform? For many years, the Green Party has been consistently marginalized, misrepresented and bullied by the two major U.S. political parties. In a true democracy, this would never be accepted as the norm.  

  With the climate in politics being nastier and more divided than ever, the people of the lakeshore, the state of Michigan and across the country have expressed a need for more political choices.  We're here to fill that void. Think of registering to vote as a Green, as a commitment to building an institution to fight for a world the two major parties either can't, or won't provide. The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party becomes, and the more all parties will take Green issues and Green voters seriously.


  Registering Green does not limit your voting options in general elections. Party afiliation doesn't begin and end with one election.  Registering to vote or changing your party registration can be done online at  In states with "open" primaries, registering Green also does not limit your voting options in the primary election.  In states with "closed" primaries, however, if you register Green you will only be able to vote in Green primaries. Make sure to check with your Board of Elections.

  The Green Party represents most Americans' views on issues like healthcare, the wage gap, a healthy environment, campaign finance reform, corporate power, renewable energy and so much more!  Read the Green Party Platform, then, click on the pic below and Register!  AND DON'T FORGET TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


Our Four Pillars

The Four Pillars: non-violence, ecological wisdom, social justice and grassroots democracy, are the value basis of the Green Party. Along with an additional six statements, they form the heart of our platform in our Ten Key Values.

Peace and Non-Violence

It is essential that we develop effective alternatives to society’s current patterns of violence. We will work to demilitarize, and eliminate weapons of mass destruction, without being naive about the intentions of other governments. We recognize the need for self-defense and the defense of others who are in helpless situations. We promote non-violent methods to oppose practices and policies with which we disagree, and will guide our actions toward lasting personal, community, and global peace.

Social Justice

Human societies must operate with the understanding that we are part of nature, not separate from nature. We must maintain an ecological balance and live within the ecological and resource limits of our communities and our planet. We support a sustainable society which utilizes resources in such a way that future generations will benefit and not suffer from the practices of our generation. To this end we must practice agriculture which replenishes the soil; move to an energy efficient economy; and live in ways that respect the integrity of natural systems.

Ecological Wisdom

All persons should have the rights and opportunity to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment. We must consciously confront in ourselves, our organizations, and society at large, barriers such as racism and class oppression, sexism and homophobia, ageism and disability, which act to deny fair treatment and equal justice under the law.


Grassroots Democracy

Every human being deserves a say in the decisions that affect his or her life and should not be subject to the will of another. Therefore, we will work to increase public participation at every level of government and to ensure that our public representatives are fully accountable to the people who elect them. We will also work to create new types of political organizations which expand the process of participatory democracy by directly including citizens in the decision-making process.


About us!

A brief history

Born from the powerful, yet short-lived Occupy Muskegon Movement, the Muskegon Green Party is the natural evolution of the growing, forward-thinking influence in our communities.

  The eventual dissolution of Occupy Muskegon, left behind a small group of progressive minded people with the desire and drive to direct positive change on the lakeshore.

  A select few, disillusioned with the two major parties' dirty methods, became familiar with green politics.  A subsequent meeting with the Green Party of Michigan, planted the seeds to what has become the Muskegon Green Party!

  Since then, the Muskegon Greens have grown from only a handful to almost 65 members.  Will you be next?  Join us now and help us continue our mission!




About the Green Party

Why do Greens only run every 4 years?

We run in every election every year because it is required to keep our national party status and to maintain ballot access.

2020: 210 races

2019: 132 races

2018: 296 races

2017: 196 races

2016: 310 races

2015: 128 races


Candidate database:


President & VP Nominees

1996: Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

2000: Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

2004: David Cobb & Pat LaMarche

2008: Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente

2012: Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala

2016: Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka

2020: Howie Hawkins & Angela Walker

2024: ???


Why should I vote third party?

 The two major parties are beholden to corporations not people. We need to fix our broken system and prioritize People, Planet, and Peace Over Profit! #MoneyOutOfPolitics


We stand for

#M4A #LivingWage #HousingJustice #EqualityForAll #WorkersRights #LGBTQRights #WomensRights #VeteransRights #CitizenshipForAll #Decolonize #DefundWar #GND


But Greens never win...

 We've won in 1,240 races since 1985 and currently have 140 Greens in elected office!



What is the Green New Deal?


The Green New Deal is a four part program for moving America quickly out of crisis into a secure, sustainable future. Inspired by the New Deal programs that helped us out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Green New Deal will provide similar relief and create an economy that makes our communities sustainable, healthy and just.


What's your Strategic Plan?

Our goal is to enact policies that prioritize people, planet, and peace. We will empower communities, mobilize for system change, and replace all legislators that refuse to listen.


We will focus on four main goals:

1. Increase membership and diversity. #Outreach

2. Run and elect more candidates. #GreenWarriors 

3. Achieve more positive awareness of the party. #PeoplePlanetPeace

4. More effective issue advocacy and policy development. #Empower


How do I get involved?

 Please join your state party at:

Or, if you live in Muskegon, Ocean, Ottawa or Newaygo counties in Michigan, join us directly at:

Or get appointed to a national committee


We value your input!

We are currently in the proocess of setting our agenda for 2023 and would love to hear what issues you think we should be focusing on.  So, send us an email or text or follow us on and comment on social media.  We'll get back to you asap!

“The Green Party is no longer the alternative; the Green Party is the imperative.

Rosa Clemente