We are the Muskegon Area local chapter of the Green Party of Michigan, 

representing for the Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa county communities.

Boycott Big
Black Friday

 Black Friday is less than one week away.  Even as the numbers reveal that worker pay has not matched the rate of inflation or corporate profit in 2021, big business is projecting record profits this time around.  

The Muskegon Greens have always supported our local communities and the small locally-owned businesses which can sustain them.  But we need YOUR help!  This Black Friday, resist the temptation to shop corporate-owned.  Whenever possible, find a locally-owned small business replacement.  Need some help?  Check out some of our recommended locally-owned business below!  Have suggestions?  Let us know so we can share them!

Soul-Filled Eatery

Hamburger Mikey

Turks Tavern

Super Mercado El Exelencia

Whipped, A Brunch Truck

Smitten Mitten 

Up North Farm Market

Down to Earth

The Hidden Mitten

Rustic Lily

Shirts N Stuff

Bailey and James

Art Cats Gallery

Cherry Republic

Apocathery Gift Shop


Southside Flower Market

Edgerton Giftery

Muskegon Museum of Art

We'll be adding more soon so be sure to come on back!


#KeepLocalAlive #ShopSmallShopLocal

Meet the Muskegon Greens!

We are a small, but committed group of regular folks with a mission of improving the lives of the people on the lakeshore!

Muskegon Greens 

Linda Boucher Bradley

A longtime Green Party of Michigan member, a champion of the environment, and staunch advocate for Single-Payer Improved Medicare for All, Linda has been an outspoken critic of the two major parties' addiction to corporate donors and their failure to help the people of the state of Michigan and this country.  


Darryl Gibson

Darryl joined the Green Party of Michigan in 2015, after becoming frustrated with the Democratic Party status quo.  Two years later, he was elected and served as Green Party of Michigan State Membership Manager and currently serving as the State Locals Liaison.  Darryl enjoys participating in local rallies and protests, collaborating with other organizations promoting vital issues to bring positive change to our communities.

Local Green Party Candidate for Michigan's 2nd Congressional District

Jean-Michel Creviere

Jean-Michel, a trained cellist, is the current Green Party of Michigan Committee Manager and 2022 Candidate for Michigan's 2nd Congressional District.  Jean-Michel is dedicated and well-versed in Green Party politics, making him the perfect fit for lakeshore communities.

Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees

Sean Mullally

Currently a trustee at Muskegon Community College, Sean Mullally was a 2016 candidate for District 92 of the Michigan House of Representatives, running on policies of government transparency, campaign finance reform, empowering voters through access to mail-in voting. He has also served on the Whitehall, Michigan City Council.

Joseph Kelsey

Environmental Caucus

A long time Muskegon resident and perpetual student, Joe has committed to dedicate himself to learning as much as he can on Green issues.  A steady and dependable edition to our group. 

Roger Nye

Elder Caucus

Roger, a veteran of the Occupy Muskegon movement, is one of the original Muskegon Greens.  A long time advocate for our local elder population, he is an irreplacable part of the great organization we have built.   

Athena Retherford

Community Advocate

A self-described progressive, Athena believes our communities would benefit greatly from Green policies and she's not afraid to speak out on it!

Daniel Mills

Web Manager

Also a veteran of the Occupy Muskegon movement, Dan's dedication and persistence has been instrumental in maintaining the Muskegon Greens. He has also used his skills as a web designer to keep us up and running online.

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  For many years, the Green Party has been consistantly misrepresented and bullied by the two major U.S. political parties.  In a true democracy, this would never be accepted as the norm.  The people of the lakeshore, the state of Michigan and across the country want and deserve more political choices.   

  Registering to vote as a Green is a commitment to building an institution to fight for the world you want. Party affiliation doesn't begin and end with one election. Registering to vote or changing your party registration can be done on-line at vote.gov.  The more people who register Green, the stronger the Green Party is, and the more all parties will take green issues and green voters seriously.

  Registering Green does not limit your voting options in general elections.

  In states with "open" primaries, your registering Green also does not limit your voting options in the primary election. In states with "closed" primaries, however, if you register Green you will only be able to vote in Green primaries. Check with your Board of Elections.
The Green Party represents most Americans' views on issues like healthcare, a healthy environment, campaign finance reform, corporate power, genetically modified foods, and others.  Read the Green Party Platform.  Then, scroll down and REGISTER, today!

Our Ten Key Values is an expansion of our core beliefs.  Want to know more? Click on the graphic!  Then scroll down to REGISTER, today!

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The Green Party does not take corporate money.  We are exclusively community funded.  Only you can help us in our continued fight for Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Diversity and Non-violence!


Being financially limited is nothing new to the Green Party.  However, it means we must find more creative ways to achieve our goals.  Do you have a special skill?  Or maybe some old stuff  you were thinking of throwing out?  Let us know!


We are putting together a grassroots movement, and we have plenty of room for Rally Backers, Phonebankers and Guerilla Activists.  Interested?  Of course you are!