Welcome!  If you've come this far, you're obviously unhappy with the status quo, and the direction this country has taken.  The Green Party is committed to Ten Key Values.  One being Grassroots Democracy.  We believe in power from the ground up, that means you!  So scroll down and get started today!


Groups within our organization, which meet independently to organize, discuss strategy and tactics to further a special interest or cause. This is our basic activism level. So, choose your cause!  Or choose more than one! Just click the icon then, take the NEXT STEP! Something missing from our list?  Let us know!

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Committees and Working Groups

Our Committees and Working Groups are Intermittant and temporary mini-organizations created for a specific task relating Green Party activities. group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group:

Eco-Action Committee

With the ongoing struggle to fight climate change, this group task is planning of and carrying out direct actions to protect the environment.

Ways and Means Committee

The Green Party is a grassroots organization. which means, we must find ways to raise funding for Green Party actions and to prioritize and distribute these funds for specific actions.

Election and Candidate Support

The Election and Candidate Support Committee is tasked with recruiting and developing and supporting Green Party candidates for office as necessary.


The only way to grow and strengthen our party is to spread the word and offer voters a different choice. The Outreach Committee must find creative ways to reach the masses!


Green Party officers are positions of responsibility and trust, not of prerogative, and are elected to roles of service. In that spirit, we openly strive to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with other officers, committees, working groups, caucuses and all our members.