We are the Muskegon Area local chapter of the Green Party of Michigan, 

representing for the Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa county communities.

Community Coalition!

The Muskegon Greens are a Grassroots organization.  Everything we do is with the betterment of our communities in mind.  Below is a list of individuals and organizations we like to work with to create the positive change the Lakeshore deserves.  Please take some time to research, follow and support these vital Muskegon Greens' allies!  Then join us, as we continue to build this great coalition!  Register below! 

Tom Gordon/Rank MI Vote

March 2021

Tom Gordon of Rank MI Vote! originally from the Central Coast of California where he studied history at Cal Poly, then moved to Kansas to do his graduate studies at Fort Hays State University.

Tom has been teaching history at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City since 1997 and became interested in Ranked Choice Voting during the most recent election cycle.

Since then, we have joined with Rank MI Vote and the Freed Peoples to form a coalition to bring Ranked Choice Voting to the city of Muskegon and the rest of Michigan!  Would you like to be a part of the push to bring democracy back from the brink?  JOIN THE COALITION NOW!


Dr. Margaret Flowers/Single-Payer Medicare for All/ PopularResistance.org

Dr. Margaret Flowers is the director of PopularResistance.org and the host of Clearing the FOG radio. She is an adviser to the board of Physicians for a National Health Program, for which she served as a congressional fellow in 2009-10.

She is a co-founder of the Maryland Health Care is a Human Right campaign and a national organizer of the HOPE (Health OverPprofit for Everyone) campaign.

Flowers is a past member of the GPUS steering committee and ran for US Senate as a Maryland Green in 2016. She is active with her local and state Green Party. 

Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare

Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare is a non-profit organization fighting for single payer universal healthcare in Michigan and Nationally!

Attorney Ashley Jacobson/Adaptive Inclusion

 Attorney Ashley Jacobson of Adaptive Inclusion, a renowned disability advocate, attorney, and disability consulting specialist who has worked with the disability community for well over a decade. Ashley holds a master’s degree from Michigan State University’s #1 ranked rehabilitation counseling program (CRC), is a published writer on disability issues, and is frequently interviewed on disability inclusion, policing, discrimination, and accessibility.

 At Jacobson Law and Advocacy, their services are rooted in a foundation of empathy, inclusion, accessibility, and experience. You’ll leave JLA equipped with the most important legal protections, and an ally you can always call on for knowledgeable legal or advocacy support. 

If you have a disability and are facing any challenge, it’s likely they provide a service to help! Call 248-878-6940 today or email contact@jacobsonlawandadvocacy.com for more information!



Activist Kate Madigan/Michigan Climate Action Network

   Kate Madigan, climate activist and Co-founder of the Michigan Climate Action Network  is organization leader, leadership coach, climate and justice advocate.   She is also a founding member of the Oil & Water Don't Mix campaign to shut down Line 5.  She hosts the Speaking of Resilience Podcast, focused on climate solutions in Michigan and the Midwest.



Ebony Davis aka Gemini da Poet/Revolutionaries Demanding Justice

Ebony Davis of Revolutionaries Demanding Justice -- a.k.a Gemini DaPoet -- is a 31-year-old poet, published author and motivational speaker who also works as a Consultation Agent for Geek Squad. Born and raised in Muskegon, MI, she witnessed the alarming rate of gun violence and decided to use her craft to help rebuild her city.

Davis goes once a week into Muskegon Middle School with a motivational group talking to at risk teens. She also speaks at churches, prisons, and community events. She prides herself on being the voice for the voiceless, speaking on issues many tend to ignore.

Bobby Johnson/Keep Local Alive!/Move20SaveLocal

We are taking the term "support local" and moving it from "words" to "action"!

Locally-owned businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy.

They bring character and uniqueness to the individual communities they serve.

This group is dedicated to highlighting all things local in our wonderful city!

We need to rally around our locally-owned and make sure they survive and thrive.

Do we want a city with only chain restaurants and big-box stores? NO!

This is the group for you if you want to support this "action" MOVEment!


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