The Muskegon Green Party schedule of events is a continuing work in progress.  Come again soon!  


JANUARY 17/ Join the Muskegon Greens' tribute to Civil Rights leader and Social Justice icon, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as we share some of his many contributions to our society on all our social media platforms. Then listen in as we read his "I have a dream" speech in its entirety, beginning at 6:01PM followed by a moment of silence.


FEBRUARY 1-28  Black History Month

Follow us on social media as we celebrate Black History Month!  Pics, articles and links with history lessons, music and food suggestions and quizzes to test your new found knowledge!


FEBRUARY 22/ Muskegon Greens first local planning meeting [We encourage all interested parties to participate in all Muskegon Greens events and activities however, you must be a registered Green Party member to vote on proposals.  [Register at]  

        Meeting agenda: 

  • Assessment of local participation levels
  • Updating outreach strategies
  • Setting a schedule for outreach events


MARCH 22/ Planning meeting

         Meeting agenda:

  • Upcoming local officer election reminder
  • Description of Committees, Caucuses and Officer responsibilities
  • Call for Candidates


APRIL 22/ Earth Day Celebration!


APRIL 26/ Business meeting 

          Meeting agenda:

  • Local Officer Elections [interested?  Register Green today at]
  • Committee/Caucus assignments


MAY 24/ EVENT  First GreenLight Action Team event [U.S. 131 overpass.  Location TBD] (30 minutes)

          Event agenda

  • Briefing [Safety, strategy and conduct]
  • Light board testing
  • Light board display
  • End briefing [Ideas for next event, refreshments?]


"Green is a label for a certain attitude to life, a certain kind of respect that one might have for the very source of things that we take for granted."

Annie Lennox, Singer