This weeks Featured Caucus!


Muskegon Green Party Youth Caucus (Young Ecosocialists)

The Muskegon Green Party Youth Caucus (our local chapter), is looking for 18-26 year olds who find the marginalization of the needs of the younger generations frustrating and unacceptable.  Below are a few things we'll be working on in 2023! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  Join here!

A greater push for climate crisis action

  We have watched and listened to our so-called representatives short-change climate action with dangerous incrementalism.

  If we can act quickly and decisively to commit resources and nearly a trillion dollars each year to war and militarism, climate crisis action should be easier. 

  After all, bombs won't save the planet.

Tuition-free public colleges and universities

  Student debt is an enormous burden, for young people and the American economy as well. It has surpassed both auto loan and credit card debt to become the second-highest source of consumer debt.

  With 60% of all students having some form of debt by graduation–either through private loans issued by financial institutions or direct loans from the government–the sheer amount of debt is staggering.

  The collective student debt currently stands at $1.75 trillion in the United States. Each borrower owes an average student debt of $37,172. The average US household owes $58,957 in student debt. 

Equal protections under the law for all

  From book bans to attacks on people of color and our LGBTQ+ communities, the laws being pushed by the GOP, with minimal resistance from the Democrats.  

  the MGPYC proposes a new offensive to guarantee the rights of all its citizens under the law. 


Lowering the voting age to 16

  Detractors assume young people lack the knowledge or maturity to be allowed to vote.  Even as Gen Z is not only smarter and more tech savy than many, and have access to the very same information as everyone else. 

  Initially, this may sound silly or extreme to some.  However, if a 16 year-old can have a job and pay taxes, shouldn't they be allowed to say where those taxes go on their own behalf through the right to vote?

  After all, taxation without representation is theft, right?