We are the Muskegon Area local chapter of the Green Party of Michigan, 

serving the Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa county communities.

Muskegon Greens News/Events!

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MEETING TIMES: 6:30pm-7:15pm eastern (45 minutes)


6:30-6:35  [Welcome/chat time]  Just a few minutes to get settled in and give everyone a chance to join the meeting/introductions of first time attendees.

6:35-6:45  [Announcements]  Current and upcoming news and events on the local, state and national level/member announcements.

6:45-7:10  [Discussion]  Moving forward on creating a proposal to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Muskegon/Forming an election support working group for our local candidate(s)

7:10-7:15  [Vote/Table Proposals/Closing]  


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Jean-Michel Creviere

Green Party of Michigan/Muskegon Greens

The Muskegon Greens are excited to announce, Jean-Michel Creviere has announced his candidacy for the 2nd congressional district for the State of Michigan! Follow, support and share!



The GreenLight Action Team!

Light up the darkness!

 As a Third Party in the U.S., the Green Party has always been at a disadvantage when it comes to spreading our progressive message.  We don't take corporate funded resources like the two major parties as we believe it invites corruption.  Which means, we have to rely on unconventional ways to fight for our communities.  Presenting, The Greenlight Action Team!

What is the Muskegon Greens GreenLight Action Team?   Well, we like to think of it as guerilla activism from the shadows.  We’re looking for volunteers for this direct-action strategy designed to be done at night for maximum effect!  A bold form of protest and impossible to ignore!  Are you in?  


Smitten Mitten 
Ice Pops!

 Smitten Mitten Ice Pops in Muskegon!

Local Eats: Muskegon’s Smitten Mitten refreshes ice pops with fresh fruit, clean ingredients

By Rose White | rwhite@mlive.com

MUSKEGON, MI — The recipe at Smitten Mitten Ice Pops is simple: fresh fruit, a dash of sugar and some herbs.

Brandon Archer, a 21-year-old Muskegon man, is using his passion for food to sell handcrafted popsicles made with clean ingredients through his newly launched business.

“No dyes, no artificial flavor, nothing like that,” said Archer, the owner of Smitten Mitten.

  Archer says he “fell in love with food” while going through the culinary program at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center as a Reeths-Puffer High School student.  After graduating in 2018, he started working at Ice Box Brand — a Muskegon-based ice cream company — and noticed a growing demand for dairy-free and gluten-free frozen treats.

  This spring, Archer secured commercial kitchen space, bought molds and started experimenting to make fruit-focused popsicles.  “I feel like we eat so many things nowadays and we don’t even look at the ingredient list,” he said. “We don’t even bat an eye at it, whether it’s fast food or just general things you’d pick up at a grocery store. I think if people turned around the box, they would be surprised.”

Want to know when Smitten Mitten Ice Pops are coming your way?  Give Brandon a shout at (231) 450-2667 or drop him a line at smittenmittenicepops@gmail.com  Don't forget to follow, support and share Smitten Mitten Ice Pops on social media!




Membership Mondays!

Mondays at 7pm (starting May 30)

Join us every Monday night for MEMBERSHIP MONDAYS!!


  Are you fed up with the Democratic Party, but feel like you have no options?  If so, join us every Monday evening to find out what you've been missing all this time!

  Learn what the Green Party stands for as we show you our Ten Key Values! 

  Find out the differences between the Greens and the Democrats and why we're a better option if you really want your voice heard!

  Find out how you can choose your role with the Green Party and start making positive changes immediately!






Muskegon Greens' 
Juneteenth Celebration

Under Construction!


 Sometimes, being an activist can be a little boring.   But, what would you say if we told you that you can advocate for positive change and have some fun while doing it?Introducing, Scavenger Hunt!  Coming in July.  The hunt is on!



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