We are the Muskegon Area local chapter of the Green Party of Michigan, 

serving the Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana and Ottawa county communities.

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The Muskegon Greens push for RCV

  Most Americans feel the need for more than two political parties.  Every Michigander believes in fair elections.  For the latter, many solutions have been presented as an alternative to our current unfair and biased election system.  

  After much deliberation over the last several years, the Muskegon Greens have officially endorsed Ranked Choice Voting as a means to bring about a system designed to represent all people, not just Republicans and Democrats.

  Enter Rank MI Vote, a non-profit organization focused on bringing Ranked Choice Voting to Michigan and the Freed Peoples, a group which seeks to actively build political power and bring communities of color to the political decision making table.  It's encouraging to recognize so many cities and states have considered, proposed and voted to try it, including the city of Lansing.

  The Muskegon Greens have joined the fight for fairness with Rank MI Vote and the Freed Peoples!  Just this week, letters requesting an RCV ballot proposal were delivered to each member of the City of Muskegon City council in our first phase of a push to bring RCV to the table.

  But we will need your help.  If approved, Rank MI Vote, the Freed Peoples and the Muskegon Greens will be out and about gathering petition signatures all over the lakeshore.  So when you see us, don't hesitate to come over and say, "hello" and sign your name!

  Not so sure?  Take some time to find out more about RCV!  Click the link below!



MEETING LOCATION: Dockers Fish House 3505 Marina View Pt. Muskegon, MI 49441   [A Zoom link will be available 24 hours prior to meeting time.]

MEETING TIMES: 6:00pm-6:45pm eastern (45 minutes)


6:00-6:05  [Welcome/chat time]  Just a few minutes to get settled in and give everyone a chance to join the meeting/introductions of first time attendees.

6:05-6:10  [Announcements]  Current and upcoming news and events on the local, state and national level/member announcements.

6:10-6:40  [Discussion]  Proposal for a Basic Living Wage/Recruiting new members/ Forming an election support working group for our local candidate(s)

6:40-6:45  [Proposals/Vote/Table/Closing]  


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Jean-Michel Creviere

Green Party of Michigan/Muskegon Greens

The Muskegon Greens are excited to announce, Jean-Michel Creviere has announced his candidacy for the 2nd congressional district for the State of Michigan! Follow, support and share!




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The Hunt is on!

The GreenLight Action Team!

Light up the darkness!

 As a Third Party in the U.S., the Green Party has always been at a disadvantage when it comes to spreading our progressive message.  We don't take corporate funded resources like the two major parties as we believe it invites corruption.  Which means, we have to rely on unconventional ways to fight for our communities.  Presenting, The Greenlight Action Team!

What is the Muskegon Greens GreenLight Action Team?   Well, we like to think of it as guerilla activism from the shadows.  We’re looking for volunteers for this direct-action strategy designed to be done at night for maximum effect!  A bold form of protest and impossible to ignore!  Are you in?  

 News from our State Green Party!

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Green Party of Michigan Summer 
State Membership Meeting

 The Green Party of Michigan has scheduled a Summer State Membership Meeting for August 14, 2021 at 9am-5pm.  Location, agenda and livestream links for the public will be announced as soon as that information becomes available.

News from our National Green Party!

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Green Party Decries Biden’s Retreat on Climate in Infrastructure Stimulus, Line 3 Pipeline

Green Party of the United States

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Michael O’Neil, Communications Manager, meo@gp.org, 202-804-2758
Diana C. Brown, Co-chair, Media Committee, media@gp.org, 202-804-2758
Philena Farley, Co-chair, Media Committee, media@gp.org, 202-804-2758

WASHINGTON — The Green Party of the United States faults President Biden for putting the interests of Republicans and fossil fuel donors ahead of saving life on the planet in the new infrastructure stimulus legislation, largely excluding climate action in the deal.

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