Green Party officers are positions of responsibility and trust, not of prerogative, and are elected to roles of service. In that spirit, we openly strive to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with other officers, committees, working groups, caucuses and all our members.


Contact/Co-Chair (email:

The Chairpersons (The Contact/Co-Chairs) (CC) are the official representatives of the Muskegon Green Party (MGP) within the local community, and to the state and national Green parties on behalf of the membership of the Muskegon Green Party. 

The (2) chairpersons are also key in maintaining the effective function of this local group. Responsibilities will consist of, submitting updates of (MGP) operations to the state website or at a State Membership Meeting (SMM), participating on the State Central Committee (SCC) as a representative of the (MGP). 

As the (MGP) representative to the public, the Chairpersons should respond to all phone calls, emails, or other communications within eight (8) hours of their receipt.  The Chairpersons may request assistance or guidance from appropriate persons** within the (MGP), if unable to promptly provide requested information or material. 

The Chairpersons should document all official correspondence and make such information available to the Green Party of Michigan Archivist, for preparing the necessary reports to the (SMM) and uploads to the official (GP-MI) official website. 

Official (GP-MI) and Muskegon Green Party email accounts should be used exclusively, for all official* email correspondence. The Chairpersons are strongly discouraged from using personal email accounts for (GP-MI) or Muskegon Green Party business. 

The chairpersons should also forward correspondence, or any proposals made by the membership of the (MGP), which require handling at the state level, to the appropriate standing committee or the (SCC). 

The Chairpersons are also responsible for timely reporting to the (SCC) any information received from the public, that may affect the efficient operation of the (MGP) or any members of (MGP). 

Finally, the Chairpersons are the initial point of contact with anyone wanting to join the Green Party and will supervise the Outreach Committee and are responsible for scheduling and facilitating all local meeting events. 

The Chairpersons are responsible for responding to requests for interviews, appearances, and requests for statements from the media, working closely with the Media Specialist and (CWG), and will be responsible for any official live, recorded, or public statements on behalf of the Muskegon Green Party.


The Chairpersons should decide between themselves how to share these responsibilities evenly.


*All business related to Green Party activities

**Any person with further knowledge of a specific subject

(CWG) Communications Working Group

(SCC) State Central Committee

(SMM) State Membership Meeting

(MGP) Muskegon Green Party

(GP-MI) Green Party of Michigan

Communications Manager

Communications Manager (email:

The Communications Manager (CM) oversees the various means of communication with the public through the website, press releases, responses to requests for information, and social media. The (CM) may assist local candidates with creating videos, literature, and other campaign information. The (CM) collaborates with other officers in carrying out required tasks. The (CM) is included in any working groups and committees assigned to designing the layout and selecting content for the local website and should take part in the preparation or review of press releases and other public communication developed by the Communications Working Group. 

With respect to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) the CM should work with the Media Specialist to review these media from time to time to assure that the message is consistent and moderated to create the desired effect. The (CM) and Media Specialist (MS) should each have access of the usernames and passwords for these platforms.    The State Central Committee adopted a proposal that prohibits archiving for public view our membership and committee meetings on YouTube (or other social media by inference) but does not prohibit live-streaming or other public accessibility to live meetings, such as ZOOM. 

Policies regarding retention of video and audio files will be published in the Handbook on the state website. YouTube videos created for educational or informational purposes should be made available to the public on the GP-MI YouTube channel.    

Membership Manager

Membership Manager (email:

The Membership Manager (MM) is the official source for all information regarding Local membership. Any statements about the membership list are unofficial unless they come from the Membership Manager. 

The MM has two (2) primary responsibilities: 

  1. Improving and maintaining the integrity of GP-MI membership data. 
  2. Responding to members and other officers regarding membership data 


The Membership Manager must maintain the membership data with the protection of member privacy as paramount.  Whenever necessary, the (MM) should request each member update all their personal information. Note: the MM should not delete members or update member data at the direction of anyone other than the member or, in the case of death, the member's family or legal agent.  

When a member is removed from the membership list, the Communications Manager, the State Central Committee, the Locals Liaison and the Local should be informed. If that person is also a member of any committee at the national level, the secretary of the national Steering Committee needs to be notified that the person is no longer a member of the party, so the person's name can be removed from the committee. This should be sent to The secretary should be asked to notify any committee chairs as may be necessary.

When someone joins or updates their personal information on the state website, an automatic email notice goes to the state (MM), the Locals Liaison, the Local (MM) or Co-Chairs/contact persons for any Local that includes the person’s county, and any other member designated by the Co-Chairs/contact persons for those counties.


Note: Membership information must not be shared with any outside person or organization.  The Local Co-Chairs are responsible for passing on any information received from any outside source to local members.



Social Media Manager

Media Specialist (email:

The Media Specialist (MS) shall facilitate the Communications Working Group, keeping this local in the eyes of the public via the various traditional and social media, and act as the official spokesperson for the group in response to media requests, or solicit an articulate member within the Working Group with greater familiarity with the subject. 

Social media posts should redirect readers to our Muskegon Green Party local website and/or a single-issue organization website with hashtags, web addresses and/or email addresses whenever possible. 


The Media Specialist may be asked to write brief statements on behalf of the Muskegon Green Party or the Green Party of Michigan on special request, pertaining to responses to specific issues. 

The Communications Working Group will consist of a minimum of three (3) volunteering members of the Muskegon Green Party.  The (CWG) will be responsible for maintaining the Muskegon Green Party official website and all Muskegon Green Party social media accounts and creating strategies to engage media followers.


The Media Specialist has three primary responsibilities

  1. To maintain all Muskegon Green Party media accounts.
  2. To find, contact and maintain a working relationship with all relevant media outlets
  3. To maintain any multimedia equipment owned by the Muskegon Green Party


  • To maintain all Muskegon Green Party media accounts.

The Media Specialist will be responsible for maintaining and regularly updating the Muskegon Green Party website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and other social media accounts.  (MS) may also post, support, or share social media posts which align with our Ten Key Values and/our specific local group platform.  Posts or correspondence of a personal nature are discouraged.


  • To find, contact and maintain a working relationship with all relevant media outlets

The Media Specialist will be responsible for continually searching for new independent media sources, creating a contact list, and maintaining current ones.  The (MS) is responsible for setting up interviews regarding Green Party content for Co-chair/Contact, local candidates for office and other Muskegon Green Party members as my become necessary.


  • To maintain any multimedia equipment owned by the Muskegon Green Party

The Media Specialist is responsible for maintaining and updating all media equipment purchased or acquired by or on behalf of the Muskegon Green Party by our local Ways and Means committee. 

Fiscal Manager

Fiscal Manager email: (

The Fiscal Manager (FM) is the primary member responsible for receiving funds via donations and maintaining proper and accurate records of all Muskegon Green Party finances and financial transactions.  The Fiscal Manager will facilitate the local Ways and Means committee. 

The Fiscal Manager is the official source for all information regarding Muskegon Green Party finances.  

No single member can commit to financial obligations on behalf of the Muskegon Green Party without expressed prior consent by the Fiscal Manager and the local Ways and Means Committee. 

Careful consideration is needed when choosing a Fiscal Manager. This person plays a vital role in maintaining the public trust by maintaining and spending contributions responsibly and legally, as well as complying with all local, state and federal disclosure filing obligations.


The Fiscal Manager has six primary responsibilities:


1. Meticulous tracking of expenses and contributions.

2. Managing bank, stripe, and USPS accounts.

3. Ensuring Party Compliance with reporting requirements and deadlines.

4. Responding to members regarding financial questions and uploading quarterly financial summaries to the GP-MI Treasurer.

5. Maintaining the party’s tax-exempt postal rates by using and keeping up with the USPS program.

6. Working directly with the local Ways and Means Committee on soliciting donations for Muskegon Green Party activities from local members and the public.



The Funding Coordinator must keep meticulous records of all incoming contributions to and outgoing expenses for the Muskegon Green Party, maintaining accurate records, receipts and other paper and digital records of all Muskegon Green Party finances and financial transactions.  

All financial records should be available for review by the Muskegon Green Party Ways and Means committee, the state Green Party Treasurer as well as the SCC. 



The Funding Coordinator is responsible for managing and updating all relevant Muskegon Green Party financial accounts.



It is important the FC ensures full compliance with all local, federal and/or state reporting requirements and deadlines regarding all donations, campaign contributions and other monies received. 

Any activities pertaining to these requirements by the FC, must also be included in a report for the Muskegon Green Party ways and means committee the state Green Party Treasurer, as necessary.



The Funding Coordinator should be able to respond to individual member inquiries of donations and contribution purposes.  The (FC) must work with the Ways and Means committee regarding Local monthly and/or state membership meetings expense projections before any contracts are signed. 

The (FC)must make sure clear and concise reports of all financial transactions on behalf of the Muskegon Green Party are readily available for the (SCC).






The Funding Coordinator works with the Ways and Means Committee on all U.S. Mail solicitations. The Co-Chair/Local Contact will produce the list for address labels to present to the Funding Coordinator. 

When the (FC)has printed the labels and other materials, the Ways and Means Committee will organize the tasks of preparing and mailing the envelopes.

Merchandise Manager

Merchandise Manager (email:

The Merchandise Manager (MDM) is responsible for all merchandise literature, and other promotional items.  Taking care to use local and/or union labor whenever possible.  Functional and practical.  Working closely with the Fiscal Manager tracking sales.  Adjusting items to demand and a quarterly upgrading of inventories.