This weeks Featured Caucus!

Muskegon Green Party women's caucus  

The Muskegon Green Party women's Caucus (our local chapter), is looking for all women who find a system which perpetuates the marginalization of the needs of women in our society frustrating and unacceptable.  Below are a few things we'll be working on in 2023!  And don't Follow The Muskegon on social media!  Join here!

Building relationships with other Women's groups to promote equity

The best way to speak to power is as a collective.  And the Muskegon Green Party Women's Caucus wants to bring the power of the ballot to the fight by creating relationships with other Women's groups and and their allies.  If you belong to an organization or you're a woman who is sick of the incrementalism afforded by the two major parties in the name of so-called progress, join the Muskegon Green Party Women's Caucus today!

Lead the push for candidates who believe in supporting reproductive rights

Field and sustain candidates who support reproductive freedom. There's a chance that Congress could pass legislation legalizing abortion nationwide -- And fighting for abortion rights and other bodily autonomy rights at the state and local level will now be more important than ever.

Addressing the gender pay gap

We cannot wait 100 years for pay equality to become a reality. It's up to every business leader to take action and ensure that every employee is compensated fairly.  More importantly, equality cannot be an afterthought. It must be part of the company's DNA and the tone must be set from the top. I was fortunate to have support from our CEO to address equal pay at Salesforce and make a commitment to evaluating it on an ongoing basis.